Summer Recess

The Strafford Town Republican Committee is on Summer Recess for August and September.  We plan to meet again the Second Monday in October, the 9th which is Columbus Day this year.  We will see what we can discover then.


April Minutes

At the April Round Table of the Town of Strafford Republican Committee State Senator John Reagan and State Representative Kurt Wuelper joined us.  A summary sheet illustrating the notable positive economic impact that the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has on the region was reviewed.  Strafford has 49 workers there.  We spoke of care for elders and how Strafford County Homemakers are trying to keep up with an increase in business since a private home care company recently went out of business.  Although providing care for an elder at home is generally 1/3 the cost of providing for them in an institution, the reimbursement rate had not had an increase in 10 years when a modest increase occurred.  We also discussed the budget negotiations and the voter registration bill.  While the new voter bill still allows for affidavits to be filled out, it is hoped that there will be less cheating as part of it.  Ocular recognition tied into an interstate interactive data base was brought up as a way to really keep people from voting multiple times.  The Secretary of State’s office has a HAVA pot of money to try to lessen cheating and are currently working on an interstate data base integration.

March 2017 Roundtable

At the March Strafford Town Republican Committee Roundtable we discussed a couple of bills that have circulated and what different House actions mean.  If a bill is indefinitely postponed or voted against it cannot be brought up in the current two year session.  If a bit is tabled it can be brought off the table by majority vote and voted again up or down by majority vote.  If it is not voted off the table that same day, it may be brought off the table by a majority vote but would then need a 2/3 majority to pass during that year.  The bill could be reintroduced the following year fresh.  Kurt Wuelper shared that he endeavors to respond to all requests and has been thanked by people for his responsiveness even when they are on different sides.  Every constituent deserves an answer.  Kerry McMahon, a candidate for School Board in Strafford, shared some thoughts.  Kerry has been attending Strafford School Board meetings for a year now so as to understand how things work.  Kerry sees hope for Strafford School to bring up it’s ratings and lower it’s costs.  Kerry spoke highly of one of the staff who has been very spirited and innovative.


January 2017 Minutes

At the January Strafford Town Republican Committee Round Table State Senator John Reagan and Representative Kurt Wuelper joined us.  Allodial rights are being considered in a pending bill.  This is an interesting topic that has to do with property and rights thereto of the owner visa vis interests that the State may or may not have.  Senator Reagan is a sponsor of the Right to Work bill which is getting a lot of press and which has been a employment boon in other states.  There are 27 states that have enacted Right to Work.  Electric power rates came up with regards to employment since Sig Sauer and Lindt have expressly cited high electric rates as reason for not expanding.  Kerry McMahon, candidate for School Board, has attended School Board meetings for the last year and has been doing research on Kindergarten with various districts around the state.  Kerry also has been working up proposals to help improve discovered weak areas of student achievement.  We also touched on Town Planning/Zoning and a proposal to set ordinance language to work with recently Statewide mandated allowance of accessory dwelling units on each lot.  Please join us on 2nd Mondays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Hill Library, 15 Parker Mountain Road, Strafford, New Hampshire. The date in February is the 13th.

December 2016 Minutes

How to better restrict cheating on voting day was the first thing discussed. There are a lot of proposals and it is a complex challenge.  The New Hampshire House will receive committee assignments from Speaker Jasper.  Legislation usually take some time to go through committees, votes in each house, and reconciliation between the House and Senate.  There are some exceptions such as a response to the opioid crisis that was achieved in 3 weeks.  The House may move there session days to be on Thursdays which is the same day the Senate has their sessions so that House members miss fewer votes due to attendance at Senate hearings.  We discussed how President Elect Trump has so quickly and impressively picked his cabinet.  Please join us on 2nd Mondays for the Roundtable Discussion of the Strafford Town Republican Committee at the Hill Library.