January 2017 Minutes

At the January Strafford Town Republican Committee Round Table State Senator John Reagan and Representative Kurt Wuelper joined us.  Allodial rights are being considered in a pending bill.  This is an interesting topic that has to do with property and rights thereto of the owner visa vis interests that the State may or may not have.  Senator Reagan is a sponsor of the Right to Work bill which is getting a lot of press and which has been a employment boon in other states.  There are 27 states that have enacted Right to Work.  Electric power rates came up with regards to employment since Sig Sauer and Lindt have expressly cited high electric rates as reason for not expanding.  Kerry McMahon, candidate for School Board, has attended School Board meetings for the last year and has been doing research on Kindergarten with various districts around the state.  Kerry also has been working up proposals to help improve discovered weak areas of student achievement.  We also touched on Town Planning/Zoning and a proposal to set ordinance language to work with recently Statewide mandated allowance of accessory dwelling units on each lot.  Please join us on 2nd Mondays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Hill Library, 15 Parker Mountain Road, Strafford, New Hampshire. The date in February is the 13th.

December 2016 Minutes

How to better restrict cheating on voting day was the first thing discussed. There are a lot of proposals and it is a complex challenge.  The New Hampshire House will receive committee assignments from Speaker Jasper.  Legislation usually take some time to go through committees, votes in each house, and reconciliation between the House and Senate.  There are some exceptions such as a response to the opioid crisis that was achieved in 3 weeks.  The House may move there session days to be on Thursdays which is the same day the Senate has their sessions so that House members miss fewer votes due to attendance at Senate hearings.  We discussed how President Elect Trump has so quickly and impressively picked his cabinet.  Please join us on 2nd Mondays for the Roundtable Discussion of the Strafford Town Republican Committee at the Hill Library.

November 2016 Minutes

We celebrate and thank voters for the clean sweep of all Republican Candidates at the Town of Strafford Poll!  This resulted in both New Hampshire State House Rep. Kurt Wuelper and State Senator John Reagan to be reelected as well as former New Hampshire State House Rep. and Public Utilities Commissioner Mike Harrington to be elected again as Rep.  In addition to thanking the voters our candidates ask for all citizen input.  The best place to start with input and finding out what bills are bubbling is:  gencourt.state.nh.us   Additionally here is some contact info:  Kurt:  (603)644-2927  kurt.wuelper@leg.state.nh.us.  Mike: 603-942-8691 or harringt@metrocast.net.   John:   603-271-4063  john.reagan111@gmail.com.

At our 7 November 2016 we debated transportation subsidies which included notes that although most maintenance comes from local fees, tickets, and taxes, initial construction for the three modes of road, train, and airports is federally funded.  The lively point of talk was around trains with people taking both sides of the tracks.  Mike noted that the regulations recently put on Wind Power in New Hampshire will effectively stop all wind development here.  Unfortunately, these burdensome regulations got extended to all energy producers which will further drive up cost of energy in New Hampshire.  We also discussed electric grid security and that Gordon van Welie, CEO of ISO New England, has noted that renewable energy sources in a grid necessarily drive up costs because we have to have back up reserve producers in a 1:1 ratio that are not affected by lack of wind or sun.  These backup producers have to be paid for the full year whether producing or not.  The Business and Industry Association has identified cost of electricity and lack of qualified personnel as our states to main hurtles for attracting business.  We talked about concerns of voter fraud and facial recognition software as a possible solution. Kerry McMahon announced his intention to run for school board and shared his research of various districts with regards to Kindergarten.